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  1. Summit Math Plus Purple (3) (Independent Study)

    This research-based course focuses on computational fluency, conceptual understanding, and problem-solving. The engaging course features new graphics, learning tools, and games; adaptive activities that help struggling students master concepts and skills before moving on; and more support for Learning Coaches to guide their students to success. This course for students in Grade 3 provides a quick overview of whole number addition and subtraction, but has a greater focus on whole number multiplication and division, encompassing early algebraic thinking. Decimals are studied in relationship to place value and money, and fractions are addressed through multiple representations and probability. Students are introduced to specific methods and strategies to help them become more effective problem solvers. Geometry and measurement are addressed through the study of two- and three-dimensional shapes, early work with perimeter, area, and volume, and applying measuring techniques to time, length, capacity, and weight.

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  2. Summit Art 3 (Independent Study)

    Following the timeline of the K12 History program, third grade Art lessons introduce students to the art and architecture of the Renaissance throughout Europe, including Italy, Russia, and Northern Europe.

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  3. Summit History 3 (Independent Study)

    This 3rd Grade History course traverses history from the Stone Age to the Space Age. Throughout this course, third grade students will explore the Renaissance, journey through the Age of Exploration, get to know the Maya, Aztecs, and Incas, visit civilizations in India, Africa, China, and Japan, and learn about the American Revolution and Colonial America.

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3 Item(s)


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