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  1. Math 4 Summit

    Math 4 Summit is designed to support true depth of knowledge required by today’s standards. With rich content to form conceptual understanding and enough practice to support mastery, including time built-in for individualized independent practice, games, and offline practice, Summit Math 4 includes the tools and technology that students need to succeed in a blended learning environment. Summit Math 4 focuses on expanding understanding of operations with whole numbers, developing a greater understanding of fractions, discovering decimals and their relationship to fractions, and exploring geometric figures.

    From: $900.00

  2. English Language Arts 4 Summit

    ELA 4 Summit provides a well-balanced approach to literacy that connects reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, and spelling into one integrated program. Dedicated time for keyboarding practice is also included. The course is made up of 12 units. Each unit contains workshops that center on one major focus (reading, writing, or word study) for instruction and reinforcement of big ideas. In reading workshops, students read independently in a variety of genres and formats—fiction, poetry, drama, nonfiction, and magazines—before exploring each text through various activities. In writing workshops, students analyze model writing samples and then work through the writing process to develop original compositions of their own. They learn about grammar, usage, and mechanics and apply those skills as they revise and proofread their work. In word study workshops, students grow their vocabulary by learning the meanings of groups of conceptually related words. Students also learn to focus on spelling patterns that are necessary to be fluent, proficient readers, writers, and spellers.

    From: $900.00

  3. Summit Science 4

    Students develop scientific reasoning and perform hands on experiments in Earth, Life, and Physical Sciences. They construct an electromagnet, identify minerals according to their properties, use chromatography to separate liquids, and assemble food webs.

    From: $24.00

  4. Summit Math Plus Red (4)

    This research-based course focuses on computational fluency, conceptual understanding, and problem-solving. The engaging course features new graphics, learning tools, and games; adaptive activities that help struggling students master concepts and skills before moving on; and more support for Learning Coaches to guide their students to success. This course for students in Grade 4 moves into applications and properties of operations. Students work with simple fraction and decimal operations, which are applied in the study of measurement, probability, and data, and mathematical reasoning techniques. Students begin the study of equivalencies between fractions and decimals on the number line and early work with integers. Algebraic thinking is developed as students work with variables, coordinate graphing, and formulas in problems involving perimeter, area, and rate. Geometry is extended into greater classification of shapes and work with lines, angles and rotations.

    From: $24.00

  5. Summit Language Arts Red (4)

    This is a comprehensive course covering reading comprehension, critical reading and analysis, composition, vocabulary, grammar, usage, and mechanics, including sentence analysis and diagramming. Structured lessons on spelling enable students to recognize base words and roots in related words. Lessons are designed to develop reading comprehension, build vocabulary, and help students become more independent readers. This course emphasizes classic literature.

    From: $24.00

  6. Summit Art 4

    Following the time line of the K12 History program, fourth grade Art lessons introduce students to the artists, cultures, and great works of art and architecture from French and American Revolutions through modern times

    From: $24.00

  7. Summit History 4

    Concluding their investigation (spanning grades 1–4) into history from the Stone Age to the Space Age, fourth grade students turn to the study of the modern world. 

    From: $24.00


7 Item(s)


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