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Math 7, Part 2 (Teacher Led)

Math 7, Part 2 (Teacher Led)

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Quick Overview

In the Math 7 course, students focus on real-word scenarios and mathematical problems involving algebraic expressions and linear equations and begin to apply their understanding of rational numbers with increased complexity. The course lays the foundation for exploring concepts of angle, similarity and congruence, more formally addressed in Math 8, as students work with scale drawings and construct and analyze relationships among geometric figures. Students also develop and apply understandings of proportional relationships. This is the second semester of a two semester course.
Teacher-Led Course (one-time payment)   $450.00

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This online course includes the following digital resources:

60-Second Math 
Videos will introduce you to each topic.

Math Cast
Visual learning with animations and interaction will help you master key skills.

Worked Examples
Solve problems with the help of stepped examples.

Apply It
Use real-world examples to practice what you've learned.


· Unit 1: Expressions and Equations

· Unit 2: Two-Dimensional Geometry

· Unit 3: Three-Dimensional Geometry

· Unit 4: Statistics

· Unit 5: Probability

· Unit 6: Math 7 Project

Additional Information

Course Length No
Prerequisites N/A
Course Materials

The Summit Curriculum Math 7 Reference Guide is available electronically within the course.  A physical copy of the reference guide is also available for purchase. 

Course Start Date

Courses Taught by a K12 Teacher

Courses with a teacher have designated start dates throughout Fall, Spring, and Summer. Full-year courses last 10 months and semester courses last 4 months. Courses are taught by teachers in K12 International Academy. For details on start dates, click here.

Teacher Assisted Yes, this course is taught by a K12 International Academy teacher. If you are looking for a teacher-supported option with additional flexibility and year-round start dates, click here to learn about the Keystone School, another K12 online private schooling option.
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