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Personalized Online Math Help at Home or On the Go

With step‐by‐step guidance from award‐winning experts built into every problem, LearnBop brings personalized math support right into your home.

LearnBop for grades 3–12 engages students, enlivens their learning, and teaches them to persevere when solving math problems. Best of all, it’s proven to work.

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LearnBop Benefits

LearnBop is the only online math program that tutors students just as a person would—step by step.

For Students

  • Build Confidence

    Develop a growth-mindset to thrive on challenge and increase confidence in math.

  • Catch Up or Get Ahead

    Our adaptive learning system meets students exactly where they are so they can work at their own pace.

  • Master Math Faster

    Our groundbreaking step-by-step system teaches students how to solve problems on their own.

For Parents

  • Affordable Math Help

    Give your child math help at anytime, anywhere — at a fraction of the cost of a traditional tutor.

  • Watch Your Child Grow

    Watch your child build confidence and mastery in math with just one hour of LearnBop a week.

  • 24/7 Access Anywhere

    Tablet and web access for 100% flexibility — it’s learning on your schedule.

Powerful Features

With LearnBop, every child can make progress in math.

Adaptive Roadmaps

Automated learning plans adapt to meet your child exactly where they are.

Step-by-Step Tutoring

Our digital tutor breaks down problems step-by-step so students can learn how to solve problems on their own.

11,000 Lessons

Unlimited access to more than 11,000 interactive tutorials and problems created by expert math educators.

Growth Mindset

LearnBop helps teach students that "being good at math" is something you become, not something you are.

Real-Time Reporting

Monitor your child’s math performance with our dashboard and reporting tools.

Fun Motivational Aids

Personal characters, learning achievements, and milestones keep students engaged.

Proven Results

Students using LearnBop show up to 66% more growth of their math performance than the traditional classroom experience.

Using LearnBop, students master math concepts in just one week on average.

"Math isn’t my favorite but with LearnBop, if I get the problem wrong, it lets me try again and then I see if I can redeem myself and get the problem right. It makes me feel more confident."

- LearnBop Student

Buy One, Give One

At LearnBop, we want every child to succeed at math no matter their circumstances. For every subscription, we’re donating one in-kind to a student who needs it most.

Single Student Plan

Subscription (month to month) $14.95

Prepaid (12 months prepaid) $149.95 Two Months Free!

Family Plan—Up to 4 Students

Subscription (month to month) $19.95

Prepaid (12 months prepaid) $199.95 BEST DEAL!

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  • Check As low as $14.95/mo
  • Check 30-day moneyback guarantee
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*Source for LearnBop statistics: LearnBop Efficacy Study; SEG Measurement 2015