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Online Math Help at Home or On the Go-Trial

Online Math Help at Home or On the Go-Trial

Quick Overview

Math Enrichment Program

Congratulations! Your child is one step closer to avoiding the summer slump and gaining an academic edge in math for the new school year.

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LearnBop: Personalized Online Math Help at Home or On the Go

What Is LearnBop?

LearnBop for grades 3–12 engages students, enlivens their learning, and teaches them to persevere when solving math problems. With step-by-step guidance from award-winning experts built into every problem, LearnBop adapts in real time to your student’s interactions and breaks down larger math problems into smaller, more manageable steps.

The result: your child will develop critical-thinking and problem-solving skills to become a confident learner who truly excels at math and succeeds beyond cramming for a test.

Who is this for?

  • Students who want to catch up, get ahead, prepare for high-level tests, or avoid the summer learning slump
  • Parents who are not comfortable helping their child with math concepts, have consistent time in their schedule to help, cannot make the financial commitment needed for a personal tutor, or who just want a proven solution for their student

Why is LearnBop so special?

LearnBop is specially designed by education experts, instructional designers, and developers to best meet the needs of students and parents at home. In addition:

  • LearnBop has had verified success helping students. 
  • Only LearnBop can identify learning gaps while your child works on lessons and immediately deliver step-by-step instruction explaining those concepts.
  • Students who use the program can master math—starting exactly where they are.
  • Your child will experience one-to-one learning with assistance and review built into every math problem.
  • You can be satisfied knowing your child is receiving comprehensive, convenient support without the need for any other resources.
  • LearnBop is priced well below other online math programs and traditional options, such as hiring a math tutor.


  • Outstanding, state-aligned content authored by award-winning math experts
  • Unlimited access to more than 11,000 interactive tutorials finely adapted to your child’s needs
  • Fun motivational aids—such as personal characters, learning achievements, and milestone achievements—that help students master concepts
  • Flexible lessons delivered in engaging, age-appropriate formats
  • Tablet and web access for 100 percent flexibility—it’s learning on your schedule


For Students

  • Increase your confidence in solving math problems for school and high-stakes exams.
  • Master math concepts in just one week.
  • Gain problem-solving and reasoning skills.
  • Catch up on missed concepts or get ahead by accelerating your mastery.
  • Develop a growth-mindset: Thrive on challenge and become motivated to stretch, explore, and grow academically.

For Parents

  • Give your child math help all year long as compared to the limited availability of a personal tutor—and at a fraction of the cost.
  • Be confident in a proven, automated, math support solution aligned to state standards.
  • Enjoy web-based and tablet access for flexible use on your family’s schedule.
  • Watch your child's confidence and math skills grow to impact future achievement.
  • Monitor your child’s progress through an easy-to-use dashboard for real-time insight.

How It Works

LearnBop walks students through a step-by-step process to learning success:

  • First, select a “Learning Roadmap,” a curriculum arranged by grade level or math subject.
  • Next, complete a “Warm-up Assessment" to identify concepts that haven’t been mastered yet.
  • LearnBop adds needed concepts as "Building Blocks" to the student’s Learning Roadmap.
  • The program creates a customized set of activities to close any knowledge gaps.
  • Before a lesson, integrated videos teach concepts.
  • Then visuals, explanations, and suggestions allow students to arrive at answers on their own.
  • Parents can track their child’s progress through an easy-to-use dashboard.

Proven Results

The development of LearnBop was inspired by research* that showed 98 percent of students who received personalized tutoring performed better on tests than those who didn’t. Now, after several years of helping students in schools across the country, the results are in: LearnBop is proven to prepare students for high-stakes testing, helps them retain knowledge over the summer, and much more.

Success in School†

  • On average, students mastered math concepts in just one week.
  • LearnBop is equally effective across genders and ethnicities.
  • Students using LearnBop showed significant learning gains—up to 66 percent more—than comparable students who didn't use the program in their classroom.
  • Students who used LearnBop showed 7 to 9 points more growth on post-assessments than those who didn't.
  • With just one hour a week, over 20 weeks, students using LearnBop outperformed other students in traditional classrooms by 7 to 10 percentile points.
  • After using LearnBop weekly for one year, a New York City school reported that the state-exam pass rate for students who used the program increased from 40 to 96 percent.
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LearnBop System Requirements

LearnBop is a cloud based online tutoring system.

1. We officially support the latest versions of Chrome (v44), IE (v11), Safari (v8), and FireFox (v39) on desktop Apple and Windows devices plus the previous two versions of Chrome and FireFox, and IE 10. We do not support IE9.

  • For students we do support the iPad Safari browser (iOS 7 and higher)
  • We recommend that parents use LearnBop on desktop / laptop computers.

2. Stable broadband internet is required to effectively use our system.

3. All data is transferred over HTTP(S) and rendered via HTML without special plugin requirements.

4. Videos are hosted on leading 3rd party media hosts.