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Language Arts for K-3

NoodleverseTM English/Language Arts is a supplemental online reading and writing skills practice and enrichment product for children grades K-3.

Noodleverse allows kids to work independently to become more confident, competent readers and writers.

  • Check $149 for 12-Months Unlimited Access

Noodleverse Features

Hours of fun, engaging activities

With a focus on Phonics, Spelling, Vocabulary, Literature & Comprehension, Writing Skills, and Critical Skills Practice.

A wide variety of online activities and games

That are self-guided and contain fun characters, colorful animation, and playful sound effects for a thoroughly engaging learning experience.

Extra resources

Such as writing tools, organizers, and more to enrich your child's learning.

Adaptive Roadmaps

Automated learning plans adapt to meet your child exactly where they are.

Noodleverse Sample Activities

Try one of our sample activities to experience Noodleverse yourself!

Noodleverse Pricing

12-Months Unlimited Access