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Adobe Illustrator with Exam Prep (TCH421)

Adobe Illustrator with Exam Prep (TCH421)

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Quick Overview

This course offers students comprehensive coverage in all areas of Adobe
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This course offers students comprehensive coverage in all areas of Adobe® Illustrator®. Beginning with fundamental concepts and progressing to in-depth exploration of the software's full set of features, the step-by-step lessons provide a guided tour of all the program's features. Topics covered include creating text and gradients, drawing and composing an illustration, transforming and distorting objects, working with layers, working with patterns and brushes, creating 3D objects, and preparing a document for print. 


Getting to Know Illustrator 

  • Explore the Illustrator workspace
  • View and modify artboard elements
  • Work with objects and smart guides
  • Create basic shapes
  • Apply fill and stroke colors to objects
  • Select, move, and align objects
  • Transform objects
  • Make direct selections
  • Work with multiple artboards 

Creating Text and Gradients 

  • Create point text
  • Flow text into an object
  • Position text on a path
  • Manipulate text with the Touch Type tool
  • Create colors and gradients
  • Apply colors and gradients to text
  • Adjust a gradient and create a drop shadow
  • Apply gradients to strokes 

Drawing and Composing an Illustration 

  • Draw straight lines
  • Draw curved lines
  • Draw elements of an illustration
  • Apply attributes to objects
  • Assemble an illustration
  • Stroke objects for artistic effect
  • Use Image Trace
  • Use the Live Paint Bucket tool
  • Explore alternate drawing techniques 

Transforming and Distorting Objects 

  • Transform objects
  • Off set and outline paths
  • Create compound paths
  • Work with the Pathfinder panel
  • Apply round corners to objects
  • Use the Shape Builder tool
  • Create clipping masks 

Working with Layers 

  • Create and modify layers
  • Manipulate layered artwork
  • Work with layered artwork
  • Create a clipping set 

Working with Patterns and Brushes 

  • Use the Move command
  • Create a pattern
  • Design a repeating pattern
  • Use the Pattern Options panel
  • Work with the Brushes panel
  • Work with scatter brushes
  • Compare the Paintbrush tool to the Blob Brush tool
  • Enhance artwork with brushes and the Width 

Working with Distortions, Gradient Meshes, Envelopes, and Blends 

  • Edit colors and distort objects
  • Work with gradient meshes
  • Work with envelopes
  • Create blends 

Recoloring Artwork and Working with Transparency, Effects, and Graphic Styles 

  • Use the Transparency panel and the Color Picker
  • Recolor artwork
  • Apply effects to objects
  • Use the Appearance panel
  • Work with graphic styles
  • Use opacity masks 

Creating and Designing Graphs 

  • Create a graph
  • Edit a graph using the Graph Data window
  • Use the Group Selection tool
  • Use the Graph Type dialog box
  • Create a combination graph
  • Create a custom graph design
  • Apply a custom design to a graph
  • Create and apply a sliding-scale design 

Creating 3D Objects 

  • Extrude objects
  • Revolve objects
  • Manipulate surface shading and lighting
  • Map artwork to 3D objects
  • Work with a perspective grid 

Preparing a Document for Prepress and Printing 

  • Explore color theory and resolution issues
  • Work in CMYK mode
  • Specify spot colors
  • Create crop marks
  • Create bleeds
  • Save a file as a PDF 

Drawing with Symbols 

  • Create symbols
  • Place symbol instances
  • Modify symbols and symbol instances
  • Create symbol instance sets
  • Modify symbol instance sets 

Preparing Graphics for the Web 

  • Create slices
  • Specify slice type and slice options
  • Use the Save for Web dialog box
  • Create an image map
  • Export Illustrator graphics for the web

Additional Information

Course Length 4 Months
Prerequisites N/A
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