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German IV, Part 2 (WLG420B)

German IV, Part 2 (WLG420B)

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Quick Overview

German IV builds on the foundation of the first three courses. Students continue to sharpen their speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills while also learning to express themselves on topics relevant to German culture. Each unit focuses on a particular region or city and includes such themes as culture, tourism, and current events. This is the second semester of WLG420.

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Course Overview

Students continue to sharpen their reading, writing, and listening skills. They practice critical thinking and express themselves on topics relevant to German culture. They learn vocabulary, grammar skills, and cultural competency to express themselves on a variety of topics in German. The course includes authentic texts, current culture, and literature from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Throughout the course, students learn about German history and multiculturalism as well as German scientists, artists, writers, and inventors.


Course Outline


Unit 1: Widerstand und Dialog

  • Skills: students engage in dialogue about controversial issues, express their opinions, and respond to the opinions of others
  • Grammar lessons: word order (verb, adverb, and noun placement) in sentences, questions, and commands
  • Cultural topics: German resistance efforts during the Nazi period

Unit 2: Umwelt und Lebensstil

  • Skills: students state opinions about controversial issues
  • Grammar lessons: use and placement of relative pronouns
  • Cultural topics: Germanys environmental movement and recycling

Unit 3: Multikultur

  • Skills: students construct complex sentences
  • Grammar lessons: using conjunctions
  • Cultural topics: Germanys multicultural history

Unit 4: Lebensläufe

  • Skills: students speak about scientific fields of study
  • Grammar lessons: principal parts of model verbs, double infinitives, past perfect tense, infinitive phrases, and idiomatic meanings of models
  • Cultural topics: life and work of three German scientists

Unit 5: Stadtrundfahrten

  • Skills: students plan a trip to a German city
  • Grammar lessons: prepositions, verb/preposition idioms, and da-/wo- compounds Cultural topics: locations, histories, and sights in Berlin, Vienna, and Zurich


Unit 6: Jugendkultur

  • Skills: students describe activities and feelings that relate to themselves
  • Grammar lessons: reflexive verbs and the use of selbst and einander
  • Cultural topics: Germanys past and present youth culture

Unit 7: Die Kunst des Beschreibens

  • Skills needed to describe people and artwork
  • Grammar lessons: adjectives, adjective endings, comparatives, and superlatives
  • Cultural topics: paintings by various artists during different time periods

Unit 8: Deutsche Erfinder

  • Skills: students talk about hypothetical situations
  • Grammar lessons: subjunctive form including modals
  • Cultural topics: German inventors who changed the world

Unit 9: Wie Sachen Gemacht Werden und Wurden

  • Skills: students follow directions to play a game and prepare food
  • Grammar lessons: passive voice in various tenses, with modals, and in the subjunctive mood
  • Cultural topics: past and present German rituals and traditions

Unit 10: Er Sagte, er Sei da Gewesen

  • Skills: students use indirect discourse (using their own words to quote someone)
  • Grammar lessons: recognizing and using the subjunctive for indirect discourse
  • Cultural topics: Germany's court system and low birth rate

Additional Information

Course Length 4 Months
Prerequisites N/A
Course Materials No
Course Start Date

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Teacher Assisted Yes, this course is taught by a K12 International Academy teacher. If you are looking for a teacher-supported option with additional flexibility and year-round start dates, click here to learn about the Keystone School, another K12 online private schooling option.
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