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1st Grade

Comprehensive and highly stimulating, our 1st grade courses cover math, language arts, science, history, and art. With an a la carte approach to K12’s online 1st grade, you’re free to focus on a problem subject by purchasing a single supplementary course, or purchase a full set of courses to use as your 1st grade homeschool curriculum.

K12’s 1st grade courses are designed to build on one another; for example, art lessons follow the same timeline as 1st Grade History, introducing your student to both the culture and history simultaneously of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, and China. 1st Grade Math and 1st Grade Language Arts introduce early concepts such as place value and, vocabulary and help children develop a lifetime love of learning. With online 1st grade courses, you and your child can create the educational experience you desire. To ensure you’re happy with your chosen program, K12 offers affordable payment options as well as a 30-day, money-back guarantee.

1st Grade


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  1. Science 1 E1

    Science 1 brings science alive by providing students a combination of virtual lab investigations (with options for hand-on learning), interactive lessons that provide opportunities for inquiry, and an array of e-books that capture students’ attention and grow their interest in science.

    The curriculum begins with an overview of what science is and how to study it. Students then focus on plant and animal traits and relationships. In the last half of the course, students explore the patterns they see in the sky and examine how sounds and light are used to communicate and help them understand their world.

    This course calls for the following household materials, though they are optional, since digital versions of all labs are available:

    • cardboard box, large
    • coin
    • composition book, notebook, or loose-leaf paper to use as a Science Notebook*
    • crayons, markers, or colored pencils
    • flashlight
    • number cube
    • paper clip
    • pen cap
    • scissors, round-end safety

    *Students may choose to keep a digital Science Notebook.

    From: $900.00

  2. Summit History 1 (Independent Study)

    This course kicks off a program that, spanning the elementary grades, provides an overview of world geography and history from the Stone Age to the Space Age. 

    From: $24.00


Items 13 to 14 of 14 total

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