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  1. EmbarK12 Online for Preschool Learners

    Looking to prepare your child for Kindergarten through trusted educational content and games? EmbarK12 TM Online is a robust portfolio of more than 830 interactive activities, designed for self-guided and independent learning among children ages 3-6. Developed by educational experts, this supplemental Pre-K program makes learning fun, dynamic, and enriching.


  2. EmbarK12 Comprehensive for Kindergarten Readiness

    EmbarK12 TM Comprehensive is K12's award-winning Pre-K program designed to fully prepare children ages 3-5 for Kindergarten. Your child will have fun while engaging in over 1,200 interactive, age-appropriate online and hands-on activities, covering Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Music, and Art.

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2 Item(s)