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It’s never too early to start building a strong academic foundation! Children who are exposed to pre-kindergarten activities tend to experience greater success in kindergarten and beyond. K12’s pre-kindergarten learning games are designed to make learning fun and interactive for your three- to six-year-old.

Online pre-K programs are a great solution for parents like you who want to play a larger role in their child’s early education. With more than 830 self-guided pre-kindergarten activities, EmbarK12 Online augments traditional preschool models, giving your child a distinct advantage with 12 activity courses covering math, language, early literacy, and more. If you’re looking for a true home school option, EmbarK12 Comprehensive features over 1,200 interactive pre-kindergarten activities across 18 different thematic units in math, language arts, science, social studies, music and art. To ensure you’re happy with your chosen program, K12 offers affordable payment options as well as a 30-day, money-back guarantee.



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  1. EmbarK12 Online for Preschool Learners

    Looking to prepare your child for Kindergarten through trusted educational content and games? EmbarK12 TM Online is a robust portfolio of more than 830 interactive activities, designed for self-guided and independent learning among children ages 3-6. Developed by educational experts, this supplemental Pre-K program makes learning fun, dynamic, and enriching.


  2. EmbarK12 Comprehensive for Kindergarten Readiness

    EmbarK12 TM Comprehensive is K12's award-winning Pre-K program designed to fully prepare children ages 3-5 for Kindergarten. Your child will have fun while engaging in over 1,200 interactive, age-appropriate online and hands-on activities, covering Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Music, and Art.

    From: $99.00

  3. Stride Game-Based Learning

    Stride Adaptive Learning Software For Grades Pre-K through 8th

    Stride™ is an adaptive learning solution for your children that quickly accelerates learning with engaging curriculum engineered to match the depth and rigor of higher learning standards.

    From: $9.95


3 Item(s)