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Summit History Kindergarten (Independent Study)

Summit History Kindergarten (Independent Study)

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Quick Overview

This Kindergarten History course teaches basics of world geography with the seven continents. Students will explore exotic locations, become familiar with the landmarks, people, and stories of many countries across the world, and learn about American History through biographies of famous figures, such as Christopher Columbus and Thomas Jefferson.

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Course Overview

This Kindergarten History course teaches basics of world geography with the seven continents. Students will:

  • Explore the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, the frozen expanses of Antarctica, and the grasslands and rain forests of Africa
  • Learn what it is like to climb the Andes and ride with the gauchos
  • Become familiar with the landmarks, people, and stories of many countries in Europe and Asia, as well as North America, including Canada and Mexico
  • Learn about American History through biographies of famous figures, from Christopher Columbus and the Pilgrims to Thomas Jefferson and Sacagawea, from Harriet Tubman and Susan B. Anthony to Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt, from Thomas Edison and the Wright brothers to Cesar Chavez and Martin Luther King, Jr.

Course Outline

Our World

  • Develop basic geographic awareness of the continents, major oceans, and directions
  • Learn to use a simple globe and map

Australia: The Land Down Under

  • Locate and explore Australia, and become familiar with its land, people, and wildlife

Europe: Many Countries, Many Stories

  • Locate and explore Europe, and become familiar with its countries, people, traditions, monuments, and stories

Asia: The Asian Adventure

  • Locate and explore Asia and become familiar with its land, wildlife, people, cities, monuments, and stories

An African Safari

  • Locate and explore Africa, and become familiar with its varied geography and climate
  • Discover the various ways people and animals have adapted, and learn stories from different cultures

South American Scenes

  • Locate and explore South America, become familiar with human and animal life in the rain forest and the pampas, and visit Rio de Janeiro

Antarctica: The Frozen Continent

  • Locate and explore Antarctica, and become familiar with the land and wildlife on the world's coldest continent

North America: From Maple Leaf to Cactus Branch

  • Locate and explore North America, and become familiar with its land, people, national symbols, and cultural heritage

America the Beautiful

  • Develop geographic awareness of the major features of the United States from the song America the Beautiful

The First Americans

  • Explore the different cultures and ways of life of Native Americans from the Eastern Woodlands, Plains, and Southwest

A New World

  • Become familiar with major historical figures and events surrounding European exploration and settlement of North America, including Christopher Columbus and the Pilgrims

Becoming Our Own Nation

  • Learn the significance of the American flag
  • Identify major historical figures, events, and songs associated with the Revolutionary War and the early years of the United States

A Nation Grows Up

  • Identify major figures, real and legendary, in the westward expansion of the United States

Liberty and Justice for All

  • Understand the significance of the Civil War
  • Become familiar with reform movements of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries for African Americans, women, and deaf people

America on the Move

  • Become familiar with pioneer life, the building of railroads, and immigration
  • Learn about the significance of the Statue of Liberty

Doers and Dreamers

  • Identify major inventors and social innovators, and understand their impact on American society

Let Freedom Ring

  • Recognize major figures, issues, and achievements in the twentieth-century civil rights movement

Additional Information

Course Length 12 Months
Prerequisites N/A
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  1. Great World Overview
    review by Kimberly on 8/16/2016

    I love the Kindergarten curriculum with K12, especiallly, how they start their History, travelling around the world. They visit each continent, learn about their customs and traditions. When paired with Art and Music they get a well rounded picture of the world and the various people within it.

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