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Place your child in the right course

Our courses are unique and may not correlate to traditional grade levels. Please make sure you place your child in the correct course by understanding the content and level covered:


  • Read through the course description within the K12 Store catalog. Browse or search for a course, then click on the course name to reach the Course Details page.
  • Consider utlizing the Renaissance Star 360 Assessment, a tool that allows educators to assess and group students in order to target instruction, measure student growth, forecast performance, and monitor student progress. 
  • If still unsure, contact an enrollment consultant at 1-866-637-1985. They can discuss the appropriate level for your child. Your student's History level will be the same as the Language Arts level; the Science level will be the same as the Math level. 


High School: What's the right High School course? Choose from Core, Comprehensive, Honors, and Advanced Placement levels:

K12 Core courses are similar to the standard courses offered by many other programs. They meet all academic requirements for each course area, for graduation as well as for potential admission into a wide range of colleges. In K12 Core courses, topics are broken into discrete modules that are taught in tandem with the framework students need to develop strong study skills. Rich, engaging content with interesting, interactive demonstrations and activities help students in our Core courses absorb and retain the information presented. Optional content and activities are also available to students wishing to study a particular topic in more depth.

K12 Comprehensive courses are designed for students entering with a strong foundational knowledge and aptitude in the subject area being covered, as well as solid study skills. As a result, students in our Comprehensive courses do more extensive writing and research projects, and tackle problems that require more analytical thinking. Course projects and activities also demand more independent thinking and self-discipline than projects in Core courses. As with Core courses, additional content and activities are provided to students wishing to delve more deeply into a topic.

K12 Honors courses hold students to a greater degree of accountability, and demand even greater independence and self-discipline than their Comprehensive counterparts. Students synthesize and evaluate information and concepts from multiple sources and read texts typically assigned in college-level courses. Students also demonstrate college-level writing in essays that require analysis of primary and secondary sources, responsible use of evidence, and comprehensive citation of sources. Successful completion of prerequisites, teacher/counselor recommendation, and a strong interest in the subject are recommended for enrollment in a K12 Honors course.

K12 Advanced Placement (AP) courses are college-level courses that follow curriculum specified by the College Board. Like K12 Honors courses, AP courses require a greater degree of self-discipline for in-depth study of the subject. These courses are designed to prepare students for success on AP exams, providing students the opportunity to earn credit at most of the nation's colleges and universities. Successful completion of prerequisites, teacher/counselor recommendation, and a strong interest in the subject are recommended for enrollment in an AP course. 

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