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Personalized, Digital Game-Based Learning

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Extraordinary Motivation to Inspire Monumental Achievements

The Stride game-based learning system for grades Pre-K to 8 engages students & accelerates learning in math, language arts, reading & science.

Make academic success easy to achieve for any student. Motivate and reward your child’s learning with Stride – subscribe today.

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Stride At-a-Glance

For Students

  • Build Confidence:

    Let your student take charge of their success with our easy-to-use, engaging, and interactive software that builds confidence with every click.

  • Accessible:

    Learn on the go! Log in anywhere, anytime to access games, courses and lessons to personalized content. Accessible on tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

  • Motivational:

    Our coin-based reward system motivates students to learn to progress to the next level. Stride meets them right where they are in the learning process by rewarding learning gains with “brain breaks” in the form of games built into the learning system.

For Parents

  • Success Stories:

    Hundreds of other happy parents and students make it easy to adopt Stride as part of your child’s learning plan.

  • Academic Outcomes:

    You will see a positive change in your child’s confidence, interest in school, and excitement about learning.

  • Your Learning Partner:

    Stride is more than a software; it is your partner in your student’s learning journey. Cutting-edge technology lets students directly influence their own personalized learning experience.

Stride Key Features

Gaming to Learn:

Short-form games deliver extreme motivation, engagement, and short "brain breaks" to energize learning.

Continuous Assessment:

Real-time assessments create a customized learning plan to address each student’s personal needs.

Individualized Intervention:

Track your child’s progress with easy to use dashboards. See where your student is thriving and struggling based on academic skills and standards.

More Accessible:

Learn on the go! Log in anywhere, anytime to access our fresh and innovative games, courses and lessons to personalized content.

Over 45,000 Questions:

Our database of dynamic content and lessons ensures a fun and exciting learning experience with every session.

Proven Results:

A recent study shows Stride students significantly improved math and reading pass rates on end of year tests*.

*2017: Auburn University Center for Evaluation

What our Customers are Saying

“It’s a great resource that doesn't cause back-talk when I tell them to start it! My 7 year old said she learned extra math skills from Stride. My 11 year old said he and his friends are ‘kind of addicted to Stride’ because of the coins they earn when they get answers right. They like saving the coins up and then using them to play cool games.”

– Sarah Powell, Parent 

“We used to do workbook pages and they dreaded it, but they actually get excited about Stride.”

– Gwen Yarbrough, Parent

Mark your calendars and save the date! Pencil in some time to watch our demo to see how Stride can help motivate your child to excel in school.

Amazing Value

A low cost plan for every learning style. Monthly plans and year long subscriptions make exceptional learning affordable and fun.

Single Student Plan

Subscription (month to month) $9.95

Prepaid (12 months prepaid) $99.95

Family Plan—Up to 4 Students

Subscription (month to month) $14.95

Prepaid (12 months prepaid) $149.95

  • Check As low as $9.95 per month
  • Check 30-day money back guarantee
  • Check Cancel anytime
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