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Medical Terminology 1 (HLT213)

Medical Terminology 1 (HLT213)

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Quick Overview

This course simplifies the process of memorizing complex medical terminology by focusing on the important word parts

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This course simplifies the process of memorizing complex medical terminology by focusing on the important word parts—common prefixes, suffixes and root words—that provide a foundation for learning hundreds of medical terms. Organized by body systems, the course follows a logical flow of information: an overview of the body system's structures and functions, a summary of applicable medical specialties, and ultimately pathology, diagnostic, and treatment procedures.

Course Outline

  • Unit 1: Get Started
  • Unit 2: Etymology of Medical Terminology
  • Unit 3: Introduction to Medical Terminology
  • Unit 4: Body Organization
  • Unit 5: Integumentary System
  • Unit 6: Muscular System
  • Unit 7: Skeletal System
  • Unit 8: Cardiovascular System
  • Unit 9: Midterm Exam
  • Unit 10: Respiratory System
  • Unit 11: Lymphatic System
  • Unit 12: Digestive System
  • Unit 13: Nervous System
  • Unit 14: Final Exam

Additional Information

Course Length 4 Months
Prerequisites No
Course Materials No
Course Start Date

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  1. Unbelievably great!!
    review by Kristin on 7/17/2016

    We were wildly impressed by this course! My son has an interest in becoming a doctor or physical therapist as a career so he thought he'd take this course. It was so thorough and in depth! The pace was fast and the content challenging. My son talked with a family friend who took medical terminology in his pre-med college courses, and the friend found this Medical Terminology high school course to exceed his college experience. It is a tough course, and fabulous preparation for any student interested in future medical studies.

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