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Anatomy & Physiology 2 (SCI322)

Anatomy & Physiology 2 (SCI322)

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Quick Overview

This is the second semester of a two semester course. The course continues to provide a thorough introduction to the basics required for the study of the human body and how it functions. This course walks students step by step from a general introduction to life functions, the terminology, and phonetic pronunciations used to describe body parts and their locations, to an overall review of human development and body processes. In addition, diseases and disorders are integrated throughout the course, to link physiology with anatomy.

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Concluding their investigation of Anatomy and Physiology 2, students will:

  • Learn about blood.
  • Learn about the heart.
  • Learn about circulation and blood vessels.
  • Learn about the lymphatic system and immunity.
  • Learn about infection control and standard precautions.
  • Learn about the respiratory system.
  • Learn about the digestive system.
  • Learn about nutrition.
  • Learn about urinary and excretory system.
  • Learn about reproductive system.
  • Learn about genetics and genetically linked diseases.

Additional Information

Course Length 4 Months
Prerequisites N/A
Course Materials No
Course Start Date

Courses Taught by a K12 Teacher

Courses with a teacher have designated start dates throughout Fall, Spring, and Summer. Full-year courses last 10 months and semester courses last 4 months. Courses are taught by teachers in K12 International Academy. For details on start dates, click here.

Teacher Assisted Yes, this course is taught by a K12 International Academy teacher. If you are looking for a teacher-supported option with additional flexibility and year-round start dates, click here to learn about the Keystone School, another K12 online private schooling option.
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