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A kindergartener’s mind is a sponge, ready to soak up everything and anything around them. Our online kindergarten curriculum makes learning fun, dynamic, and interactive. Whether you’re looking to supplement your child’s existing education or replace it entirely by using K12 courses as your kindergarten homeschool curriculum, taking kindergarten classes online offers you affordability and flexibility—without sacrificing the high standards that will prepare your little one for a future full of academic success.

K12’s online kindergarten courses cover the building blocks needed for a solid educational foundation. From math and science to art and literature, our online kindergarten curriculum provides support for every child’s unique learning style, preparing them for the first grade while showing them how much fun learning can be. To ensure you’re happy with your chosen program, K12 offers affordable payment options as well as a 30-day, money-back guarantee.



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  1. Math 1 E1

    Math K is designed to provide students with a strong foundation in mathematical concepts. Students master content through a combination of teacher-led instruction (either live or via embedded video within the course) and independent practice, both online and offline. Teacher-led instruction engages students using online resources, including virtual manipulatives, videos demonstrating concepts with physical manipulatives, and videos teaching concepts through song. During independent practice, students solve problems online, often working with virtual manipulatives, and offline in an activity book. The Math K curriculum begins with a heavy emphasis on numbers and counting, leading to an understanding of addition and subtraction. Throughout the Math K course, students also explore mathematical concepts found around them in the world, including clocks and calendars, position and patterns, subtilizing, shapes, measurable attributes, and money.

    This course requires the following household materials:

    • coins: penny, nickel, dime, quarter
    • crayons, markers, or colored pencils
    • glue
    • scissors, round-end safety

    From: $900.00

  2. Social Studies K ED

    This course introduces students to fundamental topics within the social studies discipline. These topics include family, home, community and culture, geography, chronology, early U.S. history, civics and the responsibilities of citizenship, and economics.

    Students begin by locating themselves and their families within a community and culture. They learn about basic physical geography and how to read maps and globes. Students explore what history is and how they study the past. They learn about the first peoples of the Americas and the founding of the United States. Students identify symbols of and celebrations in the United States and investigate the lives of significant historical figures in the context of civic responsibility. They also explore citizenship and basic economics.

    This course requires the following household materials:

    • composition book, notebook, or loose-leaf paper to use as a Social Studies Notebook
    • crayons, markers, or colored pencils


  3. Science K E1

    Science K brings science alive by providing students a combination of virtual lab investigations (with options for hands-on learning), interactive lessons that provide opportunities for inquiry, and an array of e-books that capture students’ attention and grow their interest in science.

    The curriculum begins with an overview of what science is and who scientists are. Students then focus on plant and animal relationships and analyze the weather. In the last half of the course, students explore how the sun affects their world and explore the interactions between different forces.

    This course calls for the following household materials, though they are optional, since digital versions of all labs are available:

    • blanket
    • composition book, notebook, or loose-leaf paper to use as a Science Notebook*
    • crayons, markers, or colored pencils
    • hat
    • scissors
    • toy car
    • umbrella

    *Students may choose to keep a digital Science Notebook.

    From: $900.00

  4. Summit History Kindergarten (Independent Study)

    This Kindergarten History course teaches basics of world geography with the seven continents. Students will explore exotic locations, become familiar with the landmarks, people, and stories of many countries across the world, and learn about American History through biographies of famous figures, such as Christopher Columbus and Thomas Jefferson.

    From: $24.00


Items 13 to 16 of 16 total

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